Company News: Victoria Bridgeman steps down as CEO


Bridgeman Images announces that CEO Victoria Bridgeman after twenty years with Bridgeman Images and the last eight as CEO has decided to step down at the end of the year and move on to new challenges. Dirk Hendrickx, currently Global Head of Sales and Marketing, has been appointed to succeed her at the start of 2020.


Harriet Bridgeman says, ‘We enormously appreciate the invaluable input that Victoria has brought into the company. Over the last 8 years she has modernized the business and helped to steer it through the significant changes in our industry. During the last five years she has acquired on behalf of the company Rue des Archives, the Lebrecht Photo Library and Leemage thus helping to make the existing business even more robust and with an even broader range of content for customers worldwide. She has proved an inspired and excellent CEO in every respect.’


Dirk Hendrickx, who will succeed Victoria joined Bridgeman Images in June 2019 as Global Head of Sales and Marketing. With Dirk’s appointment as a key part of restructuring the management team, it is the appropriate moment for Dirk to step up as CEO. Dirk brings with him a fresh perspective and a wealth of international sales experience.


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