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RESEARCH BOF President Woodrow Wilson, 1910s
Image of the White House with sheep grazing on the lawn in the FG. President Woodrow Wilson at his desk in the White House. President Wilson looking out of White House window. Sheep moving across White House lawn. President Wilson talking on telephone. April 6, 1917 President Wilson proclaimed a state of war to exist between the United states and German. Panning scene of Congress. President Wilson speaking before a crowd, former President William Howard Taft is president. Washington D.C.-Here, the postplane, the new aerial mail service is launched by the Post Office between Washington and New York. Image of U.S. Army Curtiss JN-4HM "Jenny" the first plane used to deliver U.S. Postal Air Mail. Shows U.S. Postal truck delivering mail to waiting airplane. Sign on Postal Truck reads "United States Air Mail Service". Sacks of mail loaded onto plane. Pilot plans route to be flown. President Woodrow Wilson at Airmail Service Dedication on May 15, 1918. President shows air mail letter and then drops the letter into mail bag. President wilson talking with pilot. The Curtis JN-4 mail plane takes off from the Polo field in Washington D.C. At the same time a postplane piloted by Lt. Webb leaves New York for Washington. Shows the south-bound mail express plane making a 6-minute stop at Philadelphia to pick up more mail. Arriving in Washington. The entire trip is made in 3-hours and 20-minutes. Shows President Woodrow Wilson arriving at Buffalo New York by train to attend convention of the American Federation of Labor. Shows President Samuel Gompers and Secretary Frank Morrison of the American Federation of Labor. Shows President Wilson in car escorted by columns of soldiers. Image of Samuel Gompers. Hugh Frayne, General Organizer of the American Federation of Labor joins the group. Delegates to the Convention in the parade. Samuel Gompers President American Federation of Labor in automobile in parade followed by women and men with small American flags. President Wilson and Mrs Wilson arriving and departing from convention hall.
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