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White Christmas (b/w photo)
Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
black and white photograph
At the beginning of the 19th Century, Christmas was hardly celebrated. However, during the Victorian Era Christmas as we know it today was invented, and our modest medieval traditions of evergreens, food and song were transformed. Much of this change was due to Queen Victoria and her marriage to the German-born Prince Albert. Albert introduced many aspects of Christmas as we know it, most notably the first Christmas tree in the royal family’s home. This was a tradition Albert brought to his family from his own childhood in Germany, but also to every other family in Britain. As a result the Victorians also transformed the idea of Christmas so that it became centered around the family, and our modern day traditions are deeply rooted in those of Victorian Society. These photos taken from the Spence Family collection at Tyne & Wear Archives offers an intimate view in to a Family enjoying the festive season during this time of change and the invention of Christmas.
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Bridgeman Images
garden / frozen / snowy / cold / exterior / england / winter / christmas time / britain / british / architecture / house / snow / white christmas / english / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto
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