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USS Kitty Hawk - Coast Of Vietnam, 1966 (Part 3/4)
Chief of the squadron of VA-113; Ordnance man, with his leg hanging out of the cockpit, talking to someone on flight deck (SV). Two A-4E"s on flight deck (OX). Two aviation ordnance men (AOs) wheeling a cart loaded with bombs under wing of an aircraft. CU Men loading the 250 1b. bombs under wing of aircraft. CU Bombs hanging under wing of aircraft, with ordnance men working around the bomb rack. CU Ordnance men working next to a bomb. CU Ordnance man's hands turning the fin on nose of a bomb. U Bombs under the wing of an aircraft, as aircraft taxies by; PAN around to rear of the A-4E showing the ordnance hanging underneath aircraft. One of the ordnance men on flight deck.CU Small "BEE" insignia on rear of a man's hat. One of the ordnance men on flight deck. CU Small "BEE" insignia on rear of a man's hat. CU Group working underneath aircraft. CU Pilot walking across the deck. Flight deck crewman, his left hand on some object. Red shirt walking across the deck. CU Man sporting a large mustache. CU Pilot looking underneath his aircraft.
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footage / 1960s / 60s / America / USA / Vietnam War / War / a-4e / a-4e skyhawk / a-6 intruder / aeroplanes / air traffic control / aircraft / aircraft carrier / american military / captain / catapult / cockpit / combat / communism / cv-63 / flight deck / helicopter / lt. jg greenmayer / military / north vietnam / pilot / planes / preflight check / sixties / south vietnam / vietnam / Squadron / va-113 / ordnance man / aviation / bomb rack / Engineer / bee / insignia / crewman / us airforce / weapons / kitty hawk / uss kitty hawk / united states ship / video / clip
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