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Attlee Broadcasts To The World At the Opening Of the United Nations Conference In London, 10th January 1946 (b/w photo)
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1946 (C20th)
Attlee Broadcasts To The World At the Opening Of the United Nations Conference In London. Mr. Clement Attlee, the British Prime Minister, broadcast to the world as he made his speech to welcome the delegates of 51 nations at the opening of the first session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation at Central Hall, Westminster, London. More than 500 delegates are gathered for the conference which it is hoped will lay the foundations of a new world. The conference is presided over by Dr. Eduardo Zuleta Angel, chairman of the United Nations Preparatory Commission, who is Colombia's (South America) Ambassador to Peru. Photo Shows: Mr. Attlee, delivering his address to the United Nations Organisation, from the Speaker's rostrum in Central Hall, Westminster, London. Above him is the emblem of the United Nations Organisation - a map of the world surrounded by olive branches.
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Nationaal Archief/Collectie Spaarnestad/ANP/Fotograaf onbekend / Bridgeman Images
Clement Attlee / British / britain / statesman / politics / politician / speech / UN / United Nations / 1940s / 40s / forties / post-war / leader / First / 1st / inaugural / opening / Session / assembly / international / international diplomacy / Government / Parliament / World War Two / second / ww2 / WWII / 2nd / london / Delegates / historic / addressing / dais / emblem / chamber / interior / male / men / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto
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