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Natural Steps', 1860
Natural Steps', 1860. A photograph of unusual rock formations, taken by William McFarlane Notman (1826-1891) in 1860 during the Royal Visit to Canada of Albert, Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII (1841-1910). William McFarlane Notman was born in Scotland but emigrated to Canada in 1856. He opened a photographic studio in Montreal and later established a successful chain of studios across Canada with branches in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax. Notman was the official Canadian photographer to Queen Victoria (1819-1901). His work forms an unrivalled record of nineteenth cantury Canadian life, including portraits, landscapes and elaborate studio-based genre scenes of Native Amerians, hunters and trappers. ©SSPL/National Media Museum
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SSPL/UIG / Bridgeman Images
19 19th xix xixth century
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