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Swedish Crown, 1938 (colour litho)
English School, (20th century) / English
Private Collection
colour lithograph
1938 (C20th)
Known as Prince Wilhelm's Crown; made by Hallbergs Guldsmed AB in 1902 for Prins Wilhelm of Sweden and Norway (1884-1965), Duke of Södermanland, second son of King Gustav V of Sweden and Queen Victoria of Baden for use at the Declaration of the Princes Majority in 1902 at the ceremonious opening in Stockholm of the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdagen; Prins Wilhelm was known for making documentary films and for his travel writing; from a series of illustrations of famous royal crowns published by the cigarette manufacturer, Godfrey Phillips, to coincide with the public interest in royalty and regalia after the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937;
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Bridgeman Images
advertising / card / publicity / famous / cigarette card / empire / advert / royal / vintage card / crown / sweden / celebrated / swedish / coronations / royalty / marketing / imperial / crowns / pearls / prince / ad / regalia
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