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Central and Western parts of Hong Kong Harbour, 1903 (b/w photo) [1998/028/2/7]
British Empire and Commonwealth Collections, Bristol Archives, UK
black and white photograph
View over the central and western front of Hong Kong harbour, looking north towards Kowloon. Original manuscript caption: "No. 10 Hong Kong 1903 The central and western part of harbour from Hong Kong. Note Kowloon in distance. Place the left hand edge of No 8 [1998/028/2/6] close to right hand edge of this picture - and the view of the harbour is almost continuous. Note right hand corner close to water a large square building, the HK Hotel This view shows about 1/3-1/2 of the city of Victoria. This view looks almost directly North- with Kowloon in distance The houses at R hand bottom corner are in Queens gardens- and the photographer stands alone half way up the hill- note from this distance (about 2 miles) the numerous large steamers moored in harbour- and remember that this is by no means as full as it often is- and also remember that you can only look at about half the area of the harbour- the mooring for all ships was beginning beyond the right hand edge of the photograph."
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Marriott Collection / Bridgeman Images
colony / british commonwealth / british empire / colonialism / social history / photography / colonial / b/w photo / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto
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