In the 70’s/80’s cultural and photographic environment Giulio Cerocchi finds his personal and original way to express his own creativity and knowledge.
His professional experience is enriched by the meetings with the Milanese world of journalism (La Notte), the alternative magazines (Re Nudo, Il Male) and also the world of theater for the Assessorato Cultura e Spettacolo di Milano (Teatro dell’Elfo, Piccolo Teatro, Maurice Bejart Ballet, Teatro di Lindsay Kemp).
As a freelancer he faces other more specific experiences in the world of fashion publishing (leather goods) until, few years later, he reaches his own personal and creative working space.
This is the period of his professional maturity when he starts his collaboration with the most famous Italian fashion magazines (Amica, Grazia, Vogue Pelle, Mipel, Bazaar Italia, Idea Pelle, Impuls Germania) and with advertising agencies for national and international campaigns : Pollini, Ciesse Piumini, Juventus, Moda, Seteria Ratti, Mont Blanc, Monrif, Pelliccerie Solleciti, Raffaella Curiel.
For several years he also gives his collaboration and contribution to the realization of the animation settings with Gruppo Ottanta ( inventors and animators of puppets like Five, Four and Uan for Mediaset T.V. ).
Then, in the 90’s he leaves Milano to pursue a new creative project, other than photography, and moves to Maremma (Tuscany). Unfortunately the project doesn’t give the expected results, so Giulio Cerocchi goes back to his first love – photography-.
The land of Maremma enhances Giulio’s creativity offering new stimula and emotions with his harsh beauty.
In a first phase, his works are inspired by folklore and by mysterious natural atmospheres.
The works are photographic – graphic elaborations and collagraphs, created thanks to new digital technologies.
His research favors intimate and reflective aspects, and at the moment it explores bi- and three-dimension, using different materials such as iron, wood, bricks and solid objects inserted in the photographs, thus creating evocative contaminations.


  • 2019 Fotofever Paris, Artist
  • 2019 MIA Photo Fair Milano, Milano
  • 2019 Fotofever Paris, Paris
  • 2018 Fotofever Paris, Paris
  • 2018 WopArt Lugano, Lugano


  • 1973 Grafica, Accademia di Brera
  • 1970 Perito Chimico, Scuola Superiore Chimica


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