Alexander Booth, Vincent


Drawing from the age of Four with a developing passion for ships and the Oceans, Whilst at junior school I would risk visiting the school library (which in the 1970's was out of bounds at break times) in order to find books with any pictures of ships which l quickly sketched in pencil, then later refine and reproduce at home. The stack of papers contained the drawings of around 1000+ ships, all side profile with detail and name.
Pencil was used throughout my early life and from the age of eleven outlines would be drawn when using Acrylic paints for the first time.
Learning to paint very quickly with the rapid drying Acrylics I then took the next step to using Oils from the age of thirteen. Once Oils had been experienced there was a bond with the fluidity, so much more time to blend seas and skies. Gradually the use of pencil to draw the image first before painting stopped, the paintings would from now on be created without guidelines, this method becoming much more rewarding.
Any drawings I produced after my 20's were drawn with Ink, no allowance for rectifying mistakes...much more disciplined. Acrylics and Ink are still used when outdoors, practical and much less risk of damage to the picture compared to Oil. Many of the drawings are drawn outside on location and in the winter months. One has to work quickly to reduce the effects of being still for over an hour in the cold. A dripping nose has to be controlled as the drawing tends to be right underneath, threatening to smudge the drying Ink. The London Bridge drawings were especially challenging drawn on A3 paper one or two would take well over two hours.
Always having the ability to form 'live' images in my mind whilst reading accounts from books I gradually developed from firstly making sketches then to be able to put the image from my mind straight onto canvas. The words I read transformed into Oil paint on canvas. This was prevalent whilst creating my Antarctic paintings. Developing further artistically with music to aid thought and creativity , I can almost paint the image subconsciously, as if painting itself is in control and I am simply the conduit....


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  • 2018 Scenery set painting / 2015 /2016/ 2017..., The Edge,Chorlton cum Hardy
  • 2018 Julie Carter Book Launch; Running the red line, Keswick, Skiddaw Hotel
  • 2018 Book Cover, Running the Red Line.Julie Carter, International
  • 2017 Disley Art Group. Demonstration, two oils., Disley
  • 2017 Book Cover. Meine Erlebnisse und Seefahrten um das jahr 1888, Franz Josef Vogt., Holland
  • 2016 Iron Dogs. Steel Pagodas. Oil painting Exhibition, Green Man Gallery. Buxton, Derbyshire.
  • 2016 Marple Art group live Oil Paintings, Marple
  • 2016 Snowdon Int. Mountain Race, prize Oils, Llanberris
  • 2015 Oil paintings for Snowdon mountain race prize giving, Llanberis
  • 2014 The Old Hall Hotel, Antarctic Oil paintings., Buxton
  • 2014 Private, Oil paintings Mies, Mies Switzerland
  • 2014 Storms & Ice, Oil paintings, Green Man Gallery, Buxton
  • 2014 Oils of Fell Runners, Green Man Gallery, Buxton
  • 2014 FRA Calendar fr.cover 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014, Great Britain
  • 2014 Athletes, Longford park stadium. Oils, Manchester
  • 2013 Sierre - Zinal Mountain Race. 2011,2012,2013 Drawings published, Switzerland
  • 2013 Fell Runners. Oils, Sculpture, Hayfield
  • 2013 BBC Catalogue Art in public buildings , SPRI. Cambridge
  • 2012 Festival Hall. Mixed media,Oil paintings, Alderley Edge
  • 2012 BBC Philharmonic. Live painting to Classical music, Kendal
  • 2010 Arms & Armour magazine. four page review, Arms & Armour Magazine
  • 2008 Ships, Shoes & Snow goggles. S.P.R.I., CAMBRIDGE
  • 2008 Troubadour Art Gallery. Oils and ink drawings, Manchester
  • 2007 Maritime oil paintings 8th Day Cafe, Manchester
  • 2007 Stockport Art Gallery Ink Drawings, Stockport
  • 2007 British Antarctic Survey Oil paintings plus Permanent display, Cambridge
  • 2006 Street Scenes, Laignes, France, Laignes, France.
  • 2006 Stockport Art Gallery. Oils, Stockport
  • 2006 Stockport Art Gallery. Ships, Oils, Stockport
  • 2006 Royal Society of Marine Artists, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London
  • 2005 Stockport Art Gallery. Ceramics, Stockport
  • 2005 Arison Art Gallery. Oils, Ceramics, Manchester


  • 2003 Bricklaying, Stockport College. Distinction..
  • 1999 Ceramics 3-D Design, Degree, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 1982 Thermal Insulation, Warrington Teq. College
  • 1979 Art, History, Biology, English, woodwork, Maths, G, Yew Tree High School