28th November 1866 (151 Years)
Henry Bacon, American architect who designed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., was born.
28th November 1976 (41 Years)
Rosalind Russell, American actress of stage and screen, died.
28th November 1992 (25 Years)
Sir Sidney Robert Nolan OM, AC, one of the Australia's leading artists of the 20th century, died.
29th November 1643 (374 Years)
Claudio Monteverdi, Italian priest and composer, died.
29th November 1643 (374 Years)
William Cartwright, English priest and playwright, died.
29th November 1832 (185 Years)
Louisa May Alcott, American novelist, is born in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
29th November 1842 (175 Years)
William Blake Richmond, painter and interior decorator, is born.
29th November 1924 (93 Years)
Giacomo Puccini, the Italian composer famous for operas like Madame Butterfly and La Boheme, died.
29th November 1986 (31 Years)
Cary Grant, English stage and Hollywood film actor, dies.
29th November 1996 (21 Years)
Dan Flavin, American minimalist artist who has worked mainly with fluorescent light, dies.
30th November 1016 (1001 Years)
Edmund II King of England, also known as Edmund Ironside, died.
30th November 1874 (143 Years)
Winston Churchill, British Politician, army officer and writer leading the country during WW2 and again from 1951-55, was born.
30th November 1934 (83 Years)
The Flying Scotsman becomes the first train to reach 100mph.
30th November 1936 (81 Years)
In London, the Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire.

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