South Korea's Alive Gallery brings art into the future


Alive Gallery interactive exhibit - Last Supper
Alive Gallery interactive exhibit - Last Supper


Alive Gallery, in Seoul, South Korea, is the World’s first interactive digital art exhibition that shows Art History through modern display technologies. 

68 high resolution images of famous masterpieces from Western art were sourced from Bridgeman and used for an exhibition from January to April 2011, to create an interactive gallery using hologram, 3D projector, and LED monitors.

Thanks to these techniques, visitors can interact with characters from famous paintings, such as 'The Last Supper' and 'The Arnolfini Portrait', providing an educational yet entertaining experience for those less likely to view the artworks in person. 
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Alive Gallery poster
Alive Gallery poster



Alive Gallery Leaflet using Bridgeman images
Alive Gallery Leaflet using Bridgeman images


How Artworks are used by Alive Gallery

In order to show brief art history to the audiences, artworks of Alive Gallery are divided into 5 sections. 

1. Why Did They See Like This?
Introducing ancient philosophy, life, and culture through primitive artworks.

2. The World of Gods
Magnificence of Greek and Roman art, and medieval art.

3. The World Viewed Through Science
Renaissance master-pieces

4. Paintings Are Recordings
The audiences explore the reality of 19th century artists confronted with light, color, and their emotional world

5. Thinking Art 
This section explores modern art.

To make the artworks Alive Gallery use animation, computer graphic, motion capture and digital puppet technology.  Hologram, 3D projector, and monitor are used to display them. 

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