A New Member of the Bridgeman Family

Nancy Glowinski: a new Senior Account Manager for the NY team

The New York Office is delighted to announce the addition of Nancy Glowinski to the New York team. Nancy will be our Senior Account Manager overseeing the majority of New York's editorial sectors, specifically educational publishing, magazines, newspapers, auction houses, museums and exhibition display companies.

Nancy Glowinski

Nancy comes to Bridgeman with enormous knowledge and experience in visual content sales and business development. She was formerly the Global Head of Picture Sales for the Reuters News Agency.

During her 14 year tenure she has delivered revenue under the most turbulent market circumstances and changing platforms.

Her passion is finding opportunities, developing strategic initiatives to bring first class visual content to new audiences with innovation and technology. She also has a background in Fine Art.

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Get in touch at nysales@bridgemanimages.com for more information on licensing and clearing copyright


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