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From Gerhard Richter to baby animals, explore our Senior Account Manager's favorites from the archive​



What is your role at Bridgeman?

I am one of the Senior Account Managers in Bridgeman's New York City office, based out of midtown Manhattan. I am responsible for looking after our North & South American Advertising & Design clients, as well as the Bridgeman Education platform.


What do you love most about the job?

Trying to whittle down the archive to just a few images/clips reminds me how lucky I am to be working with such an incredible, diverse and exciting body of material on a daily basis. The variety of searches and briefs that come across my desk each day ensures I am always on my toes!


What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

That it's just images - the footage archive has grown immensely in the past couple of years and the variety of clips that we have available to license is really brilliant. From going behind the scenes of Picasso's studio, to a day out at the world renowned London Zoo in the 1950s, it's a wonderful an often suprising archive - which I often find myself lost in!


Holly Taylor, Senior Account Manager
Abstract 489, 1982 (oil on canvas), Gerhard Richter (b 1932) / Neue Galerie, Kassel Germany / © Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel / Bridgeman Images








Gerhard Richter -Abstract 489, 1982

I am a massive fan of both Gerhard Richter's abstract paintings and his photorealism since seeing his show at the Tate Modern in London back in 2011. Much of his work focuses on German history and social politics which are fascinating. This painting, however, I love purely on an aesthetic level. Many of his bold abstract paintings are on a large scale and are beautiful in their simplicity of color and vibrancy.



Thomas Struth - Da Ning River, Wuxi/China, 1997

Struth was actually a student of Richter's, which is fascinating when you compare their work. It also possibly explains why I am so drawn to it! I studied History of Art at uni and opted to focus my dissertation on large formatted photography, so Struth was a key figure for my studies. The images themselves are stunning, and, like his tutor Richter, often very large in scale. For me, these lush, large format color prints really elevate the medium of photography to the same level of some of the greatest painters of all time. 

Da Ning River, Wuxi/China, 1997 (c print), Thomas Struth (b. 1954) / Dallas Museum of Art, Texas, USA / gift of the Junior Associates / Bridgeman Images


Basquiat, directed by Julian Schnabel with Jeffrey Wright (in the role of Jean Michel Basquiat) / Photo © Collection CSFF / Bridgeman Images




Jean- Michel Basquiat

Basquiat has to be one of the coolest artists of all time. From hanging out with Madonna in New York City during the 80s, to fronting an artistic movement that was closely aligned with street art and graffiti, he was pretty awesome. His work innovatively straddles street art and neo-expressionism - a style that was gaining traction in New York as he was achieving success as a painter. He also has an extensive career, including a (long overdue) show at the Barbican which I would love to see!








Egon Schiele - Seated Female Nude, 1918

Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter and an early adopter of Expressionism. His work features numerous female nudes, presented with stark, confrontational, and confident energy that was challenging to viewers of the early 1900s. It's easy to see his distortions of conventional female beauty being placed within the past decade, rather than the previous century. 
His bold and unashamed presentation of the female form went on to influence many household names such as Lucian Freud, Tracy Emin, and Francis Bacon. I love the simplicity yet emotive quality of this sketch. There is something extremely sad and vulnerable about this solitary figure, yet something still so beautiful.
Seated female nude, 1918 (etching), Egon Schiele (1890-1918) / Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hauge, Netherlands / Bridgeman Images


Sophia Loren during Cannes Festival on May 13, 1959 at The Balcony of Carlton Hotel (b/w photo) / Photo © AGIP / Bridgeman Images






Sophia Loren during Cannes Festival - May 13, 1959

This photograph is part of the Rue Des Archives collection - an incredible French archive that Bridgeman Images recently purchased. The archive itself is a treasure trove of 20th-century photography featuring some of the era's most recognizable faces: from Marilyn Monroe to James Dean, and is a truly fascinating record of social history. The image encompasses the beauty, timelessness, and elegance of the collection (and makes me very tempted to book a flight to the French seaside!).







Clip – Bobo, a baby gorilla, is raised as one of the family, USA c.1952

Who doesn’t love a cute animal clip?!  This is the kind of clip that you have to smile at – and the footage archive is full of them!  Nothing brightens up my day like some old film reel of a baby gorilla in human clothing and Bobo is no disappointment.


Bobo, a baby gorilla, is raised as one of the family, USA c.1952 / Bridgeman Images



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