Rebecca Campbell

The English country house is turned on its head. Animals and birds cavort within whimsical wonderlands of topiary and growing vegetables.

End of a Dynasty (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell
End of a Dynasty (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell


Quintessentially English

Bridgeman is delighted to announce our representation of the artist, Rebecca Campbell.

Born in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1965, but growing up in Ireland, the young Campbell was surrounded by gardens, animals and artefacts collected by generations of her family. Inspired by these childhood memories, her work evokes whimsical visions of a gentrified England, mixing exotic tastes with British eccentricities. A keen traveller, her decorative style demonstrates a familiarity with Indian Mogual Miniatures, Chinoiserie and Medieval tapestries.

 "From the days of Colonization and the Grand Tour the English have amassed an eclectic collection of ideas, styles, objects and even flora and fauna. Coupled with their sense of humour, they have developed their own style and way of living. They adore their dogs, they have an obsession with gardening; designing mazes to get lost in or growing vegetables in regimented patterns."   (Rebecca Campbell)
Already an established and successful artist, by partnering with the Bridgeman Art Library, Campbell hopes to bring her charming and enigmatic paintings to an even wider audience for licensing projects. 

Available usages include magazine/book illustration and greeting cards but exclude prints.

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The Exotic in Knots (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell
The Exotic in Knots (oil on linen) by Rebecca Campbell


The Great Dame (oil on linen), Campbell, Rebecca / Private Collection / Courtesy of Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, London / Bridgeman Images


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In 1991 Rebecca Campbell started a business producing hand painted furniture and murals and later turned her attention to painting full time. In 2002 she held her first solo London exhibition at the Park Walk Gallery followed by a second in 2004 entitled; The Enchanted Garden. Many successful exhibitions have followed in the UK and abroad, establishing her reputation in the field of decorative arts. 

A more recent commission has been to paint two life size model elephants for Elephant Parade, London 2010; the biggest public art event ever to take place in London. Campbell has received press attention for her work in magazines including Country Life and Period Living.  

Campbell’s latest show, The Planet's Pantry, is influenced by her most recent extensive travels. It will be at the Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford, Oxfordshire from the 22nd May – 4th June 2011.

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