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After many months of planning our blog is ready to explore

The Bridgeman Blog, launched May 2014
The Bridgeman Blog, launched May 2014


Have you visited the Bridgeman Blog yet? The first topical features went online earlier this summer written by the Bridgeman team and we are pleased to report that traffic is growing steadily. It has been a fun project! 
Our aim is for the blog to become community driven by a love of the visual arts. Covering all areas from Art, Culture, History, exhibition reviews, book design and more, we hope to provide further context to the weird and wonderful content in our archive and explore topics that are relevant to our industry.  Fancy yourself as a guest writer? We would love to hear from you. Please register your interest below. 
Spotlighted Categories
Browse a selection of our most popular themes and articles:


1. What’s On
We explore the latest cultural happenings, from local exhibitions reviews to national holidays, such as:
- The art of Independence Day from 18th century to present day
- This year’s Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Garden
- How the Cleveland Museum app brings art to life




Art: Allen Jones
Art: Allen Jones



2. Art
With the benefit of using the Bridgeman archive as a visual resource, a vast range of paintings, sculpture, photography and movements can be explored.
- Artist spotlights, such as Allen Jones and Cyril Power

- Social reform photography in the early 20th-century America

- Sneak a peek at sculpture in the Louvre

3. Culture
Explore the beliefs and customs of our global society, from science to sport and everything in between. Find out about:

- Stripes vs. Florals in summer fashion 

- 10 iconic British footballing moments

-  Vintage bicycle posters


Culture: 10 Iconic British Football Moments
Culture: 10 Iconic British Football Moments



History: Love from the Trenches
History: Love from the Trenches


4. History
Covering all areas of ancient to contemporary international history, from sweeping overviews to key moments, this category includes our unique World War One monthly series.

- Public Enemies #1-10: Top 10 American gangsters

- Step back in time to 1900s Saint Petersburg

- Find out about the biggest art heists of all time
-  Love from the trenches: Postcards from WW1

5. TV & Film

Discover history in motion with highlighted collections from the Bridgeman Footage archive, including:
- Fly from New York to Paris with Charles Lindbergh in 1927
- Laugh at  vaudeville skits from the beginnings of motion picture
- Fine art at the movies: Bridgeman images in blockbuster films


Footage: Vaudeville in Early Motion Film
Footage: Vaudeville in Early Motion Film



Front cover of 'John Bull', May 1949 / © The Advertising Archives
Front cover of 'John Bull', May 1949 / © The Advertising Archives


Guest bloggers
Thank you to everyone who submitted a guest writer registration. We are currently reviewing all applications and will be in touch shortly if we haven't already. 
There’s still time to get involved. We are always looking for opinionated, engaging and experienced writers passionate about the visual arts and what is happening culturally. Put your keyboard where your mouth is and register your interest.

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