Introducing Bridgeman Images

After 42 years, we are changing our brand name from the Bridgeman Art Library to Bridgeman Images 

Since Harriet Bridgeman, CBE, founded the company in 1972, we have evolved to become a world renowned visual resource of encyclopedic variety, specialising not only in fine art, but also history, photography, contemporary art and culture.  
Our archive has grown to over a million images and continues to expand, thanks to the support of our collections and clients.
Why the change?
The name change will complete a portfolio of brands including Bridgeman Education for academic research, Bridgeman Footage, Bridgeman Prints and Bridgeman Studio, our contemporary art platform.  
The change to ‘Bridgeman Images’ will help clarify our brand portfolio in five clear divisions within our company, helping you access the content you need quickly and efficiently.
As the world's leading rights management archive representing collections of the finest Art, Culture and Historic images, we will continue to work to bring you the high quality content you need with the same level of excellence and service synonymous with the Bridgeman brand. 
The Bridgeman Family


Harriet Bridgeman, CBE, founder and Chairman of Bridgeman Images, with Victoria Bridgeman, CEO, her daughter-in-law
Harriet Bridgeman, CBE, founder and Chairman of Bridgeman Images, with Victoria Bridgeman, CEO, her daughter-in-law




What this means for you?
Within the next month you will see the name change across our websites, social media channels, emails and documents. Should you find yourself typing in an old website link or email address, you and your email will automatically be redirected to the new address.
Business as normal
The rebranding will not affect the exceptional service on which Bridgeman has built its reputation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the name change, please email and we will do what we can to answer them. 
A few kind words from a valued client...
"I have used Bridgeman since it started (42 years ago), for books and television programmes covering a wide variety of subjects and dates, both as an in-house picture manager, and as a freelance picture editor, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  The amazing and ever increasing collection, the efficiency of the staff, but above all the sheer helpfulness and friendliness of everyone who works there (particularly the encyclopaedic Jenny Page) makes BAL a thoroughly enjoyable and vital part of my working life.  My job would be a lot harder (and a lot less fun) without it. Thank you all, past and present - and keep at it!" (Julia Brown, Picture Editor)
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