Bridgeman needs bloggers!

We’re looking for engaging, knowledgeable and experienced writers for our upcoming blog. 


Are you passionate about art, photography, film, and the creative or image-licensing industry? Then we need your contribution on our upcoming blog.

Launching in May 2014, the Bridgeman Blog will be a community driven by a love and knowledge of art, history and culture, with the benefit of using the Bridgeman archive as a visual resource. Covering all areas from art history to contemporary events, historical anniversaries to exhibition reviews, our blog will be at the center of the latest news, ideas and industry tips and tricks.


Benefits for Bridgeman bloggers

- Bridgeman blog writers will have their own profile section at the bottom of their articles, featuring a short biography and links to their personal blog and social media channels.

- We only require short articles, between 2-5 paragraphs long, so writing will be an enjoyable experience.

- Writers can contribute as frequently, or as infrequently, as they like. They can still write for other blogs and publications while writing for Bridgeman.


Join our blog community

Think you’ve got what it takes? Tell us about yourself, your work, and which categories you'd like to write by registering your interest below. We will contact suitable candidates with more information and article suggestions.  

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