Meet Bridgeman's New York Team


Ed Whitley, President – North and South America

FromHyde Park Corner, London


    - MA in Art History, St. Andrews University, Scotland

Art History area of expertise: Trecento Italian art, particularly the influence of Dante in portrayals of hell.

First job: Working behind the scenes at the Royal Tournament

Dream destination:  Uganda to see the source of the Nile

Favorite book:  Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

If he could go back in time, he'd like to meet:  Don Quixote! Or Caravaggio


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Helen Higbee, Director of Business Development for Stills & Footage

Based in:  Los Angeles

From:  Nottingham, England


    - BA in English and Art History, University of Leeds

Art History area of expertise: Celtic manuscripts, art in the French Revolution, Abstract Expressionism

First job: Packing hyacinth bulbs

Dream destination: India

Favorite author: Virginia Woolf

If she could go back in time, she'd like to meet:  William Shakespeare


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Wendy Zieger, Senior Account Manager

Based in: Grand Rapids, Michigan

From: Port Washington, Wisconsin


    - BA Art History, Michigan State University

    - Masters of Library and Information Science, Wayne State University

Licensing area of expertise: Educational clients, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Products

First job: Clerk in a hardware store

Dream destinations: Australia

If she could go back in time, she'd like to meet:  Queen Elizabeth I


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Thomas Haggerty, Senior Account Manager

From: Bristol, England


    - MA & BA Archaeology & Anthropology, Oxford University, England

Art History area of expertise: Greek Sculpture, Classical period

Licensing area of expertise: Trade publishing, prints & posters

Dream destination:  Bora Bora

Favorite book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

If he could go back in time, he'd like to meet:  Mithridates


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