Tips to sweeten life in quarantine

Discover our simple guide on how to make the most of your daily time spent at home!


1. Maintain a regular rhythm - if possible get up and go to bed at exactly the same time every day (this rhythm is also important for your children!)...


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2. Separate your professional life and your private life: if this is not possible due to lack of space, try to create a workspace elsewhere than in your bedroom and have fixed working hours. Keep time for sleep and relaxation separate from your working period of the day.


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3. Find time to exercise: an online yoga class, an aerobics exercise, or just a few stretching exercises. You'll feel so much better after it!


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4. Stay connected with your colleagues, family and friends. Instead of an email, opt for a video conference. Make video calls and share live coffee with your friends and family.


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5. Take time for leisure: music, drawing, dancing, yoga, singing, cooking, knitting, reading, meditation ... all these activities can be done from home and provide a good mental balance.


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6. Maintain a healthy headspace. It's okay not to feel good - allow these feelings, but don't let them overwhelm you. We all have concerns and fears - take time to express them, admit them, write them down - but don't let them overwhelm you. Sometimes getting your thoughts onto paper to read can help you process them.


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7. Focus on gratitude. Find 3 things for which you are grateful every day: a call with your best friend, the lunch that your family cooked together, watching your favorite series on netflix, finally reading a book… Gratitude is important for our wellbeing and shows us that there are always positive things to remember even in difficult situations.


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8. Laughter is the best medicine - Read funny blogs, watch comedies or youtube videos! It's good for morale!


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Do you have any tips and tricks that we have missed out? Let us know - send us an email!



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