The Royal Mint Commemorative Coins

To commemorate a dramatic moment in England’s history The Royal Mint issues a new set of coins using Bridgeman licensed image

UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin from Royal Mint
Image credit: The Great Fire of London 1666 (woodcut) (later colouration), English School, (17th century)
© Museum of London, UK / Bridgeman Images

The story of the Great Fire of London has survived for countless centuries, told in classrooms, through popular songs, in the history books, and beyond. These stunning £2 Great Fire of London coins both commemorate the great disaster and celebrate the resilience of the city. For, despite the devastation, London rose from the ashes to become the great city that it is today.

Marking 350 years since the Great Fire ravaged London

Aaron West, a member of The Royal Mint’s team of expert designers captures the stories of the moments that changed London forever. His inspiration, along with first-hand accounts from popular figures such as Samuel Pepys, and the role played by The Royal Mint’s home at the Tower of London, are all explored in the display folder that houses the £2 coin, using a Bridgeman licensed image of a 17th century woodcut.  

Produced in association with the Museum of London, one of our represented collections



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